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Do you ever want to know, what people around you are doing ?If yes then Yore is for you.Yore, a portal that gives you the ease to connect locally and globally with people of any age.
-You can share thoughts, news, images and videos with people around you and globally by enabling your location.
-You can chase new people in your area and globally.
-You can get beam of posts from your chasing.
-You can Check Beam of posts locally and globally of all users.
-You can Check what your chasers have posted in a city you're in.
-You can Chat anytime with users.
-You can customize who can message you.
-You can block/unblock people.
-You can report posts as well profiles.
-You can customize notification.
and many more.
Do you have any Issues? Comments? Questions? We would love to hear.Kindly contact us email:
Thanks Yore Team